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Choreographed & Performed by Arianna Sansone

SKIN is an autobiographical work strongly linked to the origins.

Origins meant as personal roots but also as origins of the humanity. It reflects the condition of women, with their fragility and their indomitable strength. The action develops in a temporal span in balance between past and present, a flow generated by the waves.

The movement, while working on contraction and relaxation, evolves into a game of oppositions, slow and fast, fluid and snappy. It reaches its purest state in the second part of the piece, where is free from schemes and any influence. It finally shows in its simplicity.

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Choreography/Concept/Editing by Arianna Sansone

BODY is a visual experience divided in four sections and explores the possibilities of movement of a body with its limits and strengths. In the piece the performer playing with its shadow, creates suggestions of movement and with the help of the technology extend him/herself on the stage.

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Choreographed & Permormed by Arianna Sansone

How can you find yourself again when you are feeling lost? The Space Between is the place where you are stuck when you face the brutality of loss, within it, the world disappears and you remain alone with yourself. It is the place where you have to put the pieces back together and where the souls meet again. 

The Space Between is an autobiographical solo that explores the various phases of a loss.

In the piece, the performer uses the screen as an extension of her memory.

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Music: "Calypso" Gigi Masin

Concept & Editing Arianna Sansone

Performers Arianna Sansone Giulia Di Meco

The Window is a choreographic work based on improvisation and it is the result of the collaboration between a dancer (Arianna Sansone) and an actress (Giulia Di Meco). The idea was developed during a three weeks workshop led by the dancer. The aim is to show how a dancer and a non-dancer can react to the same visual stimuli using movement.

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